PRO 2.0

Our mission and philosophy of Prevention & Well-being”,continues withPRO Series: a chair designed and developed for teenagers and adults.
Even if you are no longer a child, it is essential to improve your life quality: thanks to the innovative 360° 3D movement patented by us, teenagers and adults can benefit from physical improvement.

At home, in the office, at school, at the bar, in restaurants and in all places where people spend a lot of time sitting, using PRO Series will bring the philosophy of Prevention & Well-being’”. The elegant and minimalist design of PRO, Series stands on four legs fixed to the floor to ensure proper and correct stability of the seat itself. It has no backrest because, when sitting, the back does not need support. On the contrary, free movement avoids back-damaging bending due to the use of a “comfortable” backrest.

To ensure that the 360° 3D movement always works properly, PRO Series is available in two different sizes, according to the user’s height.

PRO 2.0 evolution

For the first version of the PRO, we decided to carry out a test, producing the model in two prototypes with different materials and characteristics (Graphenium and Technetium)

PRO-Version 2.0

After careful examination of the test for PRO – Version 1.0, our research and development department designed and created PRO – Version 2.0.

PRO – Version 2.0 is made of powder-coated steel in black (a non-toxic plant-based product). It consists of four ground support legs for maximum stability and is finished with an oblique ring that completes its unique design. The seat is available in two color variants:

Black fabric with red faux leather edging
Red fabric with black faux leather edging

The design of PRO – Version 2.0 is the result of extensive research aimed at creating a chair suitable for all environments, both work and home.
PRO– Version 2.0 is available in two standard sizes (S/M); size L is available on request.

PRO 2.0-S


User height

145 – 165cm

PRO 2.0-M


User height

165 – 185cm

PRO 2.0-L


User height

185 – 205cm
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