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More than 50% of the work-related illnesses reported in Europe are musculoskeletal disorders: back, neck and knee pains, but also hand and arm aches, are the main symptoms that employees have to deal with due to gestures and bad postures assumed over and over at work and in everyday life.

Humans spend one-third of their lives sitting on hard surfaces. More than 25% of European employees suffer from back pain caused or worsened by working in the wrong posture because of improper sitting.

Together with bad posture, this leads to multiple physical and health problems related to musculoskeletal disorders, as numerous scientific and medical studies reported. Postural dysfunction will soon be defined as a condition since it is the cause of several disorders ranging from back pain and headaches to respiratory and digestive problems. It also leads to muscle atrophy and compression of nerves leading to eye and neurological issues, not to mention lowered mood and energy levels.

The incorrect posture is a consequence that, most of the time, people carry with them since childhood. Suffice it to say that more than 20% of European teenagers suffer from scoliosis due to or aggravated by bad posture.


Although aware of this common problem, humans still have to spend a third of their lives sitting (some up to 14 hours a day), which is why we came up with the idea of finding a solution through a tool to perform these tasks.
Thanks to kinetics, we have developed the Active Chair system, a chair with 360° 3D movement. This system allows musculoskeletal muscles to activate and particularly the deeper ones.
These muscles, also called autochthonous (involuntary muscles), are activated by correct posture, thus transmitting impulses to the two cerebral hemispheres. The right and natural posture allows the activation of the postural muscular fasciae, avoiding pressure from compression.

For this reason, the Active Chair is a true Prevention and Well-being” tool for postural problems, an ally in everyday life.

“The earlier you start with prevention, the more results and benefits you can achieve”

From this premise comes the idea of designing the perfect product for children.
KIDS is a dedicated chair for children from 18 months to 10 years of age.
All children who get the right and natural posture will avoid any musculoskeletal problems that affect most teenagers today, issues that are then carried and aggravated into adulthood.
For teenagers and adults, there is PRO : a fixed chair with a modern look designed for maximum stability at all times.


Today, many different types of chairs are available on the global market, yet we have made a comparison with three different types:

▪ The exercise ball

▪ The spring chair

▪ The traditional office chair

Active Chair

The pivot and swing point is located exactly in the center, between the seat and the support point. This feature allows a limited oscillation of horizontal movement, 3d 360° movement necessary for its purpose. Such motion provides the spinal column with natural and primary movements, strengthening the muscle bands of the abdomen, back and deep (native) muscles, bringing the body to a more natural and correct posture.

Exercise Ball

The pivot and swing point are at the contact point with the ball, and at the support point, this creates an over-extended horizontal swing of movement: logically, the ball spins. This uncontrolled motion does not allow natural movements of the spine but muscular and joint contrast movements. Correct function for sports activities, but not ideal for achieving a natural and correct posture, possibly causing pain in the spinal column and muscular fasciae.

Spring Chair

There is no swing point here because it does not allow horizontal rocking movements. It has a cushioning effect similar to an exercise ball. The base of the seat can rock in all directions and does not help the lumbar overload. In addition, the spring only pushes towards the center, thus creating more musculoskeletal pressure.

Office Chair

There is no swing point here either; the elaborate design with ergonomic backrests and armrests only gives the appearance of well-being. In reality, it is a nice but ordinary chair that causes the abdominal and lumbar muscle bands (necessary for supporting the spine) to relax too much, and this effect causes musculoskeletal pain and problems.

The importance of using Active Chair models

• Natural stimulation of correct musculoskeletal posture
• Natural strengthening of the muscle bands of the abdominals, back muscles and deep (native) muscles that are essential for the spine
• Balance and coordination improvement
• Concentration and mental efficiency improvement
• Optimal blood circulation
• Reduction of attention deficit symptoms


Our Philosophy lies in the statement that represents us: Prevention & Well-being.
From this core belief, comes the idea of awarding schools and other institutions that put the physical well-being of students and staff first. Our identification badge will be displayed on the premises, and these institutions will be included on our information portals (website and social media).

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