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The Active Chair project was designed and developed to help solve a problem common to all: musculoskeletal pain. A 360° 3D seat movement system was patented thanks to kinetics.
Active Chair is distributed worldwide exclusively by the Slovenian joint-stock company COB INDUSTRIES d.d. licensee of the patent, entrusting the production to the Italian company STOCCO F.LLI S.r.l., a leading manufacturer of chairs and furnishing sets for over 38 years.

A joint stock company based in Slovenia, established in 2016 as an idea incubator and project developer. In 2018, the company’s top management met a well-known Slovenian inventor and mentor Mr Boris Pfeifer, who presented two of his patents, one being theActive Chair project.

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Stocco F.lli is our exclusive subcontract manufacturer, as it has been operating for over 38 years with high production standards and fully reflects our company values.
Stocco F.lli was established in 1984 as a family-owned subcontracting company.

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The Problem

More than 50% of the work-related illnesses reported in Europe are musculoskeletal disorders: back, neck and knee pains, but also hand and arm aches…

The Solution

Although aware of this common problem, humans still have to spend a third of their lives sitting…

The Right Choice

Today, many different types of chairs are available on the global market, yet we have made a comparison with three different types…

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy lies in the statement that represents us:Prevention & Well-being.



We cannot let children go through their first and essential years of life without a tool designed for Prevention & Well-being” for their proper and healthy development, essential for a correct and healthy development…

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Our mission and philosophy of Prevention & Well-being”, continues with PRO Series: a chair designed and developed for teenagers and adults…

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School Department is dedicated to all public and private educational institutions. This division is our primary tool for promoting the philosophy of well-being: through it, we can enter the places where students spend most of the day sitting and where health protection must come first…

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